Qatar Says That Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Is Unlikely Due to Impact of Attack on Rafah



Israel is still continuing to carry out military operations in Rafah, Palestine. 
Qatar, as mediator, said that the Israeli military operation had caused discussions 
regarding a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas to set back.
"Especially in the last few weeks, we have seen some momentum building 
but unfortunately things are not moving in the right direction and 
currently we are at a near impasse," 
Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani told Qatar.

"Of course, what happened with Rafah has set us back," he said.

Qatar, which has hosted Hamas' political office in Doha since 2012, 
has been involved, along with Egypt and the United States, 
in mediation between Israel and Hamas for months. 
Mohammed even said that Israel was not actually considering a ceasefire with Hamas.

"There is no clarity on how to stop the war from the Israeli side. 
I don't think they are considering this as an option, 
even when we are talking about an agreement and moving towards a potential ceasefire,
" Sheikh Mohammed said.

He also touched on the attitude of Israeli politicians. 
According to him, they acted as if they continued to want war.

"Israeli politicians are showing through their statements that they will stay there, 
they will continue the war. 
And there is no clarity about what Gaza will look like after this," he said.

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